CGNAT Solutions: Features

ZCorum’s Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) option is a cost-effective software-based solution we offer as an appliance using standard x86 hardware that we configure and manage. Your sales representative can confirm all available features.

NAT ModesNAT44, NAT64
RoutingVRF, Static routing, BGP, BFD, OSPF, IS-IS, RIP
Application Layer GatewaysFTP, DNS, PPTP, IPSec, SIP, RTSP
Mapping and FilteringEIM/EIF, Address Dependent Filtering, Address and Port Dependent Filtering
LoggingSyslog, RADIUS, Netflow, IPFIX
Advanced Logging FeaturesDeterministic NAT, Ability to send logs to multiple syslog
servers, Port Block Allocation (PBA)
Other NAT FeaturesHairpinning, Paired Pooling, Port Control Protocol (PCP), Access Control Lists (ACL)
Interface managementLink Aggregation
Control Protocol (LACP), VLAN support
OAMCLI, SNMP, Performance monitoring and statistics
Hypervisor CompatibilityKVM
High Availability (HA)Active-Standby, Active-Active N+1
CloudOpenStack integration, 3rd party commercial NFVI
and MANO integration, ETSI compliant


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