New features provide additional control to help cable operators troubleshoot and resolve common subscriber WiFi complaints.


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Alpharetta, GA (January 24, 2017) — ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced that they have added three additional WiFi management features in their TruVizion diagnostics application. TruVizion is a comprehensive diagnostics tool for broadband providers that helps them troubleshoot issues within their broadband network, including customer premises equipment (CPE). The new features leverage data from devices supporting CableLabs and vendor-specific WiFI MIBs to help operators better manage access points and troubleshoot WiFi issues in subscriber homes and businesses.

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Most of the complaints cable operators receive from their customers regarding their internet connection are actually related to the subscribers’ in-home WiFi network. This presents a support challenge for the service provider. “The cable operator winds up owning WiFi problems, especially if they are the ones providing the access point in the home or business,” said Peter Olivia, Vice President of Systems and Software at ZCorum. “That’s one of the reasons we have been adding new WiFi diagnostics and control features in TruVizion. It’s an opportunity to help service providers improve the subscriber experience while significantly reducing their support costs.”

One of the new features ZCorum introduced allows an operator’s support staff to see other access points that may be interfering with their customer’s connection. “With one click you can now see the other radios in the area, including the model, SSID, the channel the device is tuned to and the signal strength,” said Olivia. “This provides the insight needed to make the right adjustments and reduce troubleshooting time.” Olivia added that a prior update gives operators the ability to change the channel on their radio to reduce interference from other devices.

The new update also gives providers the ability to enable or disable one or more of the radios on the access point, and change the transmit power on the radio, both of which can also improve the subscriber experience. “A provider might want to disable the 2.4 GHz radio, for example,” said Olivia. “The 5 GHz band is not only a faster bitrate, but it’s better suited for indoor use due to fewer overlapping channels and less congestion. And, being able to reduce the transmit power can help prevent interference with neighboring devices, which is very helpful in an MDU environment.”

“We are in the business of helping broadband operators reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve the subscriber experience,” said Julie Compann, President and Chief Executive Officer at ZCorum. “The new WiFi management features we’ve added to TruVizion are a perfect fit for that mission.”

ZCorum is demonstrating the new features this week at the Caribbean Cable & Telecommunications Association annual meeting.