ZCorum now providing network monitoring, engineering, provisioning and advanced diagnostics solutions to the Georgia cable provider.

Alpharetta, GA (April 23, 2020) — ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and software, announced they are now providing a suite of services to Georgia based Hart Cable.  Included in the agreement is access to ZCorum’s diagnostic tools and provisioning of subscriber devices.  As part of the new agreement, ZCorum will also provide Network Monitoring and Engineering Support.

One of the diagnostics tools that Hart will have access to will be PreEqualization Analyzer, ZCorum’s Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) tool for DOCSIS networks. The software-based tool makes use of the pre-equalization data coming from cable modems in order to identify the severity and approximate location of upstream impairments in the cable plant before subscribers are impacted. Also included are two of ZCorum’s remote spectrum analysis tools, Upstream Analyzer, a fully featured software-based spectrum analyzer that displays the upstream spectrum from a CMTS in real time, and SpectraVizion,  which captures the full downstream spectrum passing through the CPE.

Hart will also be utilizing TruVizion, ZCorum’s flagship application that provides advanced diagnostics for cable modem and fiber networks, including live CPE data, historical readings as well as interactive mapping.  The application can also be used by technicians on their mobile devices to troubleshoot issues and verify signal levels while in the field.

Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ZCorum, said the new tools will have a powerful impact on operational efficiency for Hart Cable. “TruVizion will provide increased visibility into their DOCSIS network, allowing them to significantly reduce the time needed to diagnose and resolve customer issues. Plus, PreEqualization Analyzer and Upstream Analyzer give them the tools they need to more efficiently maintain their upstream cable plant.”

“I am very excited to welcome Hart Cable to the ZCorum community,” said Julie Compann, ZCorum’s President and CEO. “ZCorum takes great pride in serving our providers with world class products, and we look forward to developing a great relationship with a fellow Georgia company.”