The weekly Tech Tuesday live streaming broadcast offers industry information and advice, software demos and expert interviews.

ZCorum Live Stream IconAlpharetta, GA – June 19, 2019 – ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of diagnostics tools and managed services for broadband providers, announced the launch of a weekly live broadcast on YouTube called Tech Tuesdays. The livestream covers technical topics and solutions that would be of interest to broadband service providers. The broadcasts, which take place on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM eastern time, will give operators the ability to see technical interviews and presentations in real time and interact with the presenters.

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The next live broadcast is scheduled for June 25th at 3:00 PM EDT, and will cover Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks have continued to increase in number and sophistication, including those that can now leverage consumer IoT devices as a part of the attack. ZCorum will be discussing the different kinds of DDoS attacks and ways to mitigate them in a two part series.

“We’ve been posting recorded videos on YouTube for years and have had great feedback from service providers and other industry contacts,” said Rick Yuzzi, Vice President of Marketing for ZCorum. “We decided to start a regular live broadcast so we can interact with our audience and answer any questions they may have right then. We see it as a great way to engage with our customers, prospects and anyone else who is interested in broadband technology and services.”