Central Michigan Internet has deployed ZCorum’s TruVizion, PreEqualization Analyzer, and Upstream Analyzer diagnostic tools.

cms internet logo gray background Alpharetta, GA – October 4, 2016 – ZCorum, an industry leader in diagnostics tools and managed services for broadband providers, is now providing a suite of diagnostic solutions to CMS Internet. CMS recently signed a multi-year contract to receive a suite of solutions from ZCorum to better support their broadband operations. Located in Mt Pleasant, Michigan, CMS provides internet and voice services to the local community that includes the campuses of Central Michigan University and the Isabella Indian Reservation.

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Prior to signing with ZCorum, CMS had limited visibility into their network and liked what they saw during demonstrations of the diagnostics tools. They also participated in a free trial of PreEqualization Analyzer and were impressed with the results. As part of the suite, CMS will be utilizing TruVizion, ZCorum’s flagship application that provides advanced diagnostics for DOCSIS, DSL or fiber networks, including live modem data, historical readings as well as interactive mapping. The license incudes access to TechVizion, a companion mobile app used by technicians to help them troubleshoot issues and verify signal levels while in the field.

In addition they will have access to PreEqualization Analyzer, ZCorum’s proactive network maintenance (PNM) tool for DOCSIS networks. The software-based tool makes use of the pre-equalization data coming from cable modems in order to identify the severity and approximate location of upstream impairments in the cable plant.

Working together with PreEqualization Analyzer will be ZCorum’s Upstream Analyzer, a fully featured software-based spectrum analyzer for the return path that displays spectrum from a CMTS in real time. The tool displays with 100% accuracy the noise floor, specific modem signals and ingress under the DOCSIS carrier as it is happening.

“Our broadband technology tools provide operators with advanced solutions to more effectively maintain their networks,” said Julie Compann, ZCorum’s President and CEO. “These tools can significantly reduce the time providers spend on plant maintenance and improve the day-to-day management of their cable operations. We’re so pleased to welcome CMS Internet to the ZCorum family.”