The patented Modem and CMTS diagnostics tool is having a positive impact on troubleshooting and customer satisfaction.

eaglezip-logo-broadbandAlpharetta, GA – August 31, 2016 – ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of diagnostics tools and software for broadband providers announced the successful deployment of their TruVizion diagnostics tool on EagleZip’s broadband network. Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, EagleZip provides Internet and voice services to communities in Warren County, Pennsylvania and across the state border in Jamestown, New York.

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Prior to signing with ZCorum, EagleZip had not used a monitoring or diagnostic support tool, but was actively looking to implement a solution to help them provide better service to their subscribers. TruVizion, ZCorum’s patented diagnostics application for DOCSIS, Fiber and DSL, integrates customer data, network metrics and other key information allowing EagleZip’s customer service personnel and network engineers to resolve customer issues and network outages faster.

“TruVizion has been working great for us,” said Ron Miller, Managing Partner and Engineer for EagleZip. “We had a plant issue where a bridge amplifier failed in the field and using TruVizion we were able to pinpoint the location of the fault from our office in a matter of minutes. We had a tech en route in advance of the customer phone calls.”

Along with TruVizion, EagleZip will also receive the software’s companion mobile app, TechVizion. TechVizion gives field techs visibility into any modem on the network, at any time, from any location. The app also has the ability to show EMTA and port statistics, historical data and comparisons, device locations and CMTS statistics. “The mobile app has proven extremely helpful when troubleshooting and making balancing adjustments in the field, since we can see the modem’s response in real time,” Miller said.

“We’re thrilled that EagleZip is having such positive results with TruVizion right out of the gate,” said Julie Compann, ZCorum’s President and CEO. “We’re excited to have them on board as the newest member of our ZCorum family.”