Strategic partnership provides key set-top metrics for a new ZCorum diagnostics application utilizing data from FourthWall Media’s MassiveData DMP.

ZCorum FourthWall Media LogoAlpharetta, GA and Dulles, VA (October 3rd, 2017) – ZCorum and FourthWall Media announced today they have formed a new, strategic initiative to deliver needed set-top box diagnostics to cable providers looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs in their video operation. ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of diagnostics tools and managed services for broadband providers, will integrate set-top box diagnostics data into a diagnostics platform utilizing FourthWall Media’s MassiveData® DMP service. FourthWall Media is the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing and diagnostic data.

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“Cable MSOs have enjoyed access to real-time and historical analytics for their DOCSIS broadband network
through our diagnostics software, which allows them to troubleshoot and resolve data and voice issues much more
efficiently,” said Carlos Bustamante, VP of Strategic Technologies at ZCorum. “We’ve been asked by customers and
prospects for similar visibility into their deployed footprint of set-top boxes. By working together with FourthWall Media we can display an array of set-top box metrics that will increase operational efficiency for the staff supporting the video offering, while giving MSOs a view of all the cable services from one software vendor.”

“Our MassiveData® DMP and Reveal analytics platform have provided our MSO partners with tools to collect and
report on viewership data for almost a decade. Using those same reliable platforms, we will combine our diagnostic set-top box data with ZCorum’s best-of- breed tools to help MSOs serve their customers and run their businesses even better,” said Mike Israel, COO at FourthWall Media.

“We’re pleased to be working together with FourthWall Media on this initiative,” said Julie Compann, President
and Chief Executive Officer at ZCorum. “There is fantastic synergy between the two companies, which results in a tool that helps MSOs reduce support costs and truck rolls as they troubleshoot in-home video issues.”

“We’re very happy to be working with ZCorum to further support our MSO partners. Our MassiveData® DMP will
supply ZCorum diagnostic data to form a unique product that drives efficiency, service, and profit for MSOs,” said Tim Peters, CEO of FourthWall Media.

About FourthWall Media
FourthWall Media® is the largest independent source of second-by- second cable viewing and diagnostic data. Its
MassiveData® DMP and Reveal™ Analytics Platform combine to collect and deliver census-level second-by- second viewing and diagnostics data that enables actionable messaging, measurement, and analytics for operators, programmers, agencies, advertisers, researchers, and analytics firms. Unlike traditional measurement companies, FourthWall Media works closely with cable operators by providing its MassiveData® DMP technology and services that collect and process ultra-precise TV viewing and diagnostic data. FourthWall Media is headquartered in Dulles, VA and can be found online at