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Sitting with a group of people at halftime last weekend, I threw out the phrase The Internet of Things and asked them what they thought it was or would be. (Without looking it up on their phones!)

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Some of the answers, if not exact science, were enlightening as to the expectations people have of the future.

“Everything around you will be controlled by the internet from your phone or tv.”

“The house will talk to us like in that show Eureka where the house knew everything they needed before they asked for it. And if something went wrong with the computer the sprinklers would come on during a party or they got locked out of their own house.”

“Some app will check my refrigerator, count the beer and order more and have it delivered before the game!”

“And then your refrigerator will email your insurance company that you might be drinking and driving and they’ll raise your rates.” (Ha-ha)

“We’ll finally have flying cars and robots that do everything!”

internet of things ebook cover download now “There will be absolutely no privacy.”

Fantasy and paranoia and a dose of truth, but is it an accurate depiction of the near future?

Almost without our noticing, our reliance on IoT is growing every day. We now have Internet-enabled light bulbs, dead bolts, smoke detectors, refrigerators, mirrors, and what the world really needs internet toothbrushes. Google recently bought a networked-thermostat maker called Nest that will control your heating and cooling and maybe the sprinklers and the door locks too at some point. And while they aren’t flying yet, cars are already being connected.

IoT is setting up to change the way the world works. Next blog we’ll explore the problems that are emerging before IoT is even out of the gate.

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