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Can your networks handle anticipated increases in information flow related to Internet of Things (IoT) optimization?

Subscriber to Service Provider: “So what you’re telling me Mr. Internet Provider is that I can run my lawn sprinkler and my home security, but I can’t stream a movie at the same time?? *&%^$#

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internet of things ebook cover download nowThis sounds like an extreme example, but it’s not so far-fetched when you consider that estimates for IoT are 26 billion connected devices and products installed by 2020. With all of them channeling huge volumes of data traffic into data centers, you begin to get an idea of the toll on the customer experience.

The bandwidth feeding frenzy is a growing issue among service providers. This immense volume of bandwidth consumption is being brought on by a number of different sources, but two of the major contributors are the Internet of Things (IoT) and over-the-top content providers like Netflix, Hulu and Roku.

The rapid growth of IoT is changing more than just service provider strategies; it’s changing the way the world works. Gartner research expects 4.9 billion connected “things” to be in use this year alone and estimates that number will reach 26 billion within four years.

Added to that is the over-the-top content that is also seeing record growth. In 2015, Netflix grew its subscriber base by a record 4.9 million in the first quarter alone and now boasts a total base of 62.3 million. Analysts only expect this growth to continue.

And for broadband service providers facing this explosion in connected products and video content, the question is “How will you manage and deliver the high volume of data at good quality to an increasingly demanding subscriber base?”

Download the ZCorum eBook below, The Internet of Things Explained, that includes a section on the data center to get a view of what’s coming and ideas on minimizing the impact of the data flood.

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