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Click above to watch an 8 minute tour through TruVizion’s  modem diagnostics screen.

Imagine spending less time and money each month managing your broadband network and supporting your subscribers, AND doing a better job at it. Go ahead. It’s okay. Think about it. Feels good, right? With TruVizion, you can do just that. TruVizion is ZCorum’s Web-based application that provides advanced but intuitive broadband network diagnostics.

I know what you’re thinking. A bunch of ugly screens that only one or two guys with an advanced degree in RF engineering can use. Not so. TruVizion was designed with regular customer support folk in mind, as well as for those technical types who love to keep your plant humming along in perfect tune. Unlike some other diagnostic tools, your staff will actually use it–and love it.

We’re quite happy to license TruVizion as a standalone broadband network diagnostics solution, or you can bundle it together with other managed services we offer.

Broadband Modem Diagnostics Screen - TruVizion Demo

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Here are just a few of the reasons our customers love TruVizion.

Easy Interface

Our Modem Diagnostics screen is laid out so the stuff you really need to know is displayed on one page. It’s easy on the eyes and easy to understand. A first-level support rep (or the janitor) can immediately see if there’s a problem and where it’s occurring. If you’re a cable provider, our CMTS Diagnostics screen also presents the most important stuff in hard-to-miss colors, so your techs can quickly see the the overall health of the CMTS and where the problems are that need to be addressed first.

Sensible Mapping

We didn’t just throw a map in TruVizion because it looks cool (although it does). With our mapping you can filter out the noise and actually use maps for pinpointing problems. Only want to see modems that are experiencing a specific RF issue? One click. Want to see only off-line modems? One click. What about only those modems on a particular node or active leg experiencing a specific RF issue? You guessed it.

Historical Data

It’s been said that those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. That’s true with your broadband network, too. Repeat service calls are a big drain on your resources and budget. Being able to review historical modem and channel data can help you track down and resolve issues more quickly–the first time. In TruVizion you can display up to 90 days of RF data for any modem or any channel at any time. Don’t you hate those pesky little problems that only seem to happen when no one’s watching. No problem if you’ve got TruVizion.

Cable and DSL Support

TruVizion includes features for Cable and DSL providers.  Does your company offer both services? Even better.  Then you’ll have one, integrated tool to troubleshoot both cable modem and DSL issues.

Much More

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