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When you buy a product or service for your business, you want to know you’re going to get a return on your investment. TruVizion’s patented technology will make your team more efficient and reduce the cost of managing your broadband network. Here’s how.

TruVizion - How To Troubleshoot Outages

View this 2 min video about how to troubleshoot outages with TruVizion

Resolve Customer Issues Faster

No one wants customers sitting on hold. Not only does the customer get irritated, but every second they’re talking with someone in your Call Center, it’s costing you money.  With TruVizion, your reps will be able to diagnose and resolve customer issues more quickly and accurately.  On a single screen they’ll see key details highlighting the health (or lack thereof) of a customer’s modem and connection. They can also ping the modem, reset it, or view the modem log with a click or two.  For cable subscribers, they’ll also see on the same page a summary of key RF levels and bandwidth usage for the port the customer’s connected to. That’s a unique feature of TruVizion, and can help determine whether an issue is affecting just that subscriber or possibly others.  The sooner you find a problem that’s affecting multiple subscribers, the fewer calls to your Call Center.

Recover from Outages Quickly

You know how antsy you get when your service goes down–and you work there.  Take that feeling and multiply it by all your subscribers who suddenly can’t Google, Facebook or email their aunt Jane.  With TruVizion keeping tabs on your broadband network you can shorten the time you’re down.  How?  By helping you direct the right resources to the source of the problem quickly.  Real-time reporting on modem status and RF levels, plus interactive maps that can be filtered by modem status and alerts, will clearly show which areas and subscribers are affected. You’ll be better able to determine where to send which technicians and what they should look for when they get there. That means a more efficient staff and less costly outages.

Improve your Digital Voice Service

Keeping voice customers happy can present a whole new set of challenges. VoIP can be persnickety compared to the Web. Subscribers can live with an occasional delay in a Web page loading. But, a delay on a voice call is much more noticeable, and more likely to generate complaints and dissatisfaction. With TruVizion you can tackle your VoIP problems head on.  Our Voice Diagnostics page displays the last ten calls a subscriber made, along with any call quality issues, RF levels and information on any lost or delayed packets at the time of the call.  You can also run a report showing all calls that didn’t meet minimum call-quality thresholds, which can help you proactively address those issues before your customers proactively look for another voice provider.

Pinpoint Plant Issues and Manage Improvements

Wouldn’t it be nice to be proactive instead of reactive all the time? How about if you could fix service issues before customers call and even eliminate a potential future outage?  If you’re a cable provider, TruVizion’s CMTS Diagnostics screen gives you a way to methodically attack plant issues that are hard to identify or might otherwise go unnoticed until you have a serious problem. Real-time reporting and maps show the worst performing modems and where they’re located. You can also view historic data on modems and ports with one click so you can resolve those pesky plant problems that are often intermittent and never seem to occur when you’re looking for them. You’ll also see total uncorrectable and correctable codeword errors, and can drill in for a report showing the subscribers affected. Click once more to plot those subscribers on a map.

Easier DSL Provisioning, Modem Management and Support

Often when providers bring up new DSL subscribers they have to open, power-up, connect and configure every DSL modem manually. Not only is this incredibly inefficient, it’s ripe with potential for errors. With TruVizion’s TR-069-based Auto Configuration Server (ACS) that hassle can be a thing of the past.  Also, ever roll a truck when a customer hits the reset button? Your call center reps can reboot a modem remotely with one click, and… get this… the modem’s  last known config will be restored–including customer-specific ones like wireless security and firewall settings.

One more thing. How do you handle updating the firmware on your DSL modems?  If you don’t have a centralized method for firmware updates, you probably don’t handle it at all–other than a technician taking some time to update or replace a modem while on a service call.  With our ACS you can push out bulk updates to TR-069-enabled modems, making it possible to keep your modem firmware levels up-to-date.

Make Happy Customers

One benefit that naturally springs from these others is happier customers. It makes sense. Your broadband service is humming along like it never has before. Customers are not holding on the line as long when they need help, and their problem is  fixed more quickly. In fact, they may not need to call at all, because you fixed a problem before they even realized there was one. When you have an outage, it’s a lot shorter than it used to be. Plus, you’re reducing customer-affecting issues and improving service quality by finding problems in advance and proactively making network improvements.

Reduce Churn and Boost Referrals

Happy customers are less likely to bolt when they get a low-ball offer from a competitor, and they’ll be more likely to brag about you to their friends and family. All of this, plus you save money every day to boot! What more do you need to know?


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