TruVizion is an SNMP-based diagnostics and monitoring application for broadband operators.
TruVizion collects and presents diagnostic information from Fiber and DOCSIS equipment and networks.

For GPON/EPON diagnostics we support the Calix E7 and Calix AXOS (E3, E7, E9), Adtran 9500, TA5000, and Aurora, and Nokia 7360 DPoE OLTs (the Vecima FPXT-B engine).

For cable networks and equipment, in general any DOCSIS compatible CMTS and CPE is compatible with TruVizion.

No. TruVizion is provided in a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) model, so the software is hosted in our network.  We also offer on premise deployments for operators who have that as a requirement.
There are some unique advantages in TruVizion compared to other tools on the market. TruVizion is designed with the user in mind. It presents actionable information in a user-friendly format that makes it valuable for several functions at an operator company, from a call center rep troubleshooting a customer issue, to an installer or maintenance technician in the field, to the plant manager. TruVizion captures and displays historical information, so users can review performance of devices and access equipment over time to look for trends, and data from different customers can be overlaid for comparison. TruVizion allows you to filter reports by online status, the type of alert, network location, and the CPE manufacture and model. Reports can be downloaded or the data can be mapped with a single click. If a modem is not geocoded, or  geocoded incorrectly, the geocode can be easily added or modified within the mapping function of TruVizion. These are just some of the advantages that TruVizion has over other tools.
TruVizion reaches the network across a GRE or IPSEC tunnel. The application talks to the access equipment and CPE via routing and SNMP strings.
Data is received instantly from the Fiber ONT or Cable modem, at the moment it is requested, and updates automatically every 60 seconds. Scheduled polling is generally every 15 minutes, but some equipment is polled less often for performance reasons.  Your exact gear and the polling intervals will be discussed during your pre-sales and implementation process.

There are three options for getting your customer data into TruVizion.

  1. We are currently integrated with billing systems from GLDS, Azar, NetCracker (Convergys), Comsoft and CHR Solutions.  We can also provide an API that can be used by you to integrate another billing system with TruVizion.
  2. We can do an initial import of your customer base via a delimited text file, and you can automatically send regular updates to that file.
  3. We can do an initial import of your customer base via a delimited text file, and you can update accounts manually in our account management interface.
TruVizion allows you to easily geocode modems, or update modems that are geocoded incorrectly. In TruVizion, you simply query the customer, open the map and then click a button to place the map pin in the appropriate location.


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